To show Self-Love is one of the most important attributes that you can show to the world. Self-Love does not mean you are being arrogant; to be arrogant means to think you are superior to others. You would present to the world an exaggerated sense of your own importance or your own abilities. Self-Love does not mean you are being conceited; to be conceited means you are vain or proud of yourself. Having traits of being egocentric is not self-love. Egocentric means you think only of yourself without regard to others’ feelings or desires. 

     Having love for oneself means you care about yourself, you take responsibility for yourself, you respect yourself and you know yourself. It means you are honest and realistic about your talents and your short comings. I believe, before you can truly love another person you have to truly love yourself. You can not give to someone else what you do not give to yourself. Self-love leads to self-esteem, self-compassion and self-awareness.


Love Letters written in cursive.


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