I love myself…I have faith in myself…I do not rely on anyone or anything to make me feel any particular way about myself.  Self-Esteem is having self-respect and having confidence in your worth and abilities. When you have a healthy self-esteem about yourself there is dignity in how you present yourself and in what you do. Sometimes, those we become involved with can cause us to question ourselves and then our confidence suffers because we start to think we are inadequate. Those that deliberately make you feel bad about yourself are actually suffering from some sort of low self-esteem of their own and can not stand to see the confidence and love you have for yourself. Always love and have faith in yourself no matter what. Believe the best about yourself…present the best of yourself to the world and love yourself more than you love another human being. It is worth it to wake up every morning and say “I Love Myself.”

Peace and Blessings


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