Does a soul mate really exist?

When you married would you say the person you married was the love of your life? Or did you marry this person while all along you were in love with someone else? Realizing that you are in love with someone else did you make that known to your husband or your wife? Or are you living with this secret and occasionally daydream about this person you are in love with? When you make love to your husband or wife are you mentally, physically and emotionally in the moment or are you wishing they were this lost love you often think about? Is it painful for you to see the person that is not your husband or wife with someone else and all along you wish you were the one with them? You’re in so much pain over what you have seen that you can not put the energy that you put into this lost love where it should be and that is into your marriage. Why didn’t you pursue a relationship with the person that you are in love with? What made you agree to marry someone who you have no passion for? Couldn’t it be said that you are living a lie? Isn’t it adultery when you dream about having sex with someone else other than your husband or wife? Are you not allowing your marriage to be the best and bravest it can be because your heart is not where it should be?

You can’t control who your heart loves but it is worth it to be honest if your heart doesn’t love the person you married. Be ever true to yourself. A relationship needs all the hope, desire, need, passion, want, attention, caring, concern, respect, honesty, trust and communication it can stand on a daily basis. If you can not feed the relationship,  give it water, give it sunlight and sing to it on a daily basis it will wither and die. Yes it’s a lot of work but you worked to get there so you have to work harder to keep it. There is no such thing as a one-sided relationship it takes two to fulfill all the wants, desires, needs and to support the dreams and endeavors of each other so each one in the relationship can become the best and the bravest person they can be.

Peace and Blessings


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