She said…

So, I’m lonely. It’s been months; maybe even years since my wife has touched me, kissed me or fucked me. I’m starting to wonder will I ever be fucked again? I wonder whether or not  if this is what my life will be like for the rest of my life? No intimacy…No love…No sex. I didn’t sign on for this. I am a young man. I have needs and I still LOOK GOOD. The ladies are always trying to holler.

Now, she says she doesn’t want to anymore; does that mean I can see other people?

She said, “she didn’t know and she didn’t care.” How does a wife say something like that to her husband? I was so embarrassed and so ashamed. My wife made me feel like I was deformed or grotesque. I thought every woman wanted a man with a nice size dick. I thought that is one of the things that attracted White women to Black men. Their interest in finding out if the myth is true?  This myth that every Black man has a big dick. She didn’t have an issue with it before I married her. What the HELL is the problem now? This is one of the many reasons why men say they do not understand women.

It’s the summertime; hot and steamy outside. These women are walking around half-dressed and it is becoming very HARD to keep my composure. Humans need intimacy…sex is a natural part of life. Everyone needs it. These women that are running around here talking about they don’t need sex are lying! Lord have mercy…what am I going to do? I don’t want to be unfaithful to my wife but I need to feel a woman’s body next to mine.

I lay in the bed next to a woman who hasn’t let me see her naked in years; let alone touch her. There is this invisible line down the center of the bed that isn’t crossed. She has her side and I have mine. This BITCH!! Excuse me… even has the nerve to get dressed in the closet. Really! Is it that serious? If something doesn’t change between us soon I am going to find someone to fuck me…

Then it happens, I finally see her again. I have been crazy about this girl for years. She is so sweet. I just want to bite her. She has the biggest ass I’ve ever seen. I love round, big asses. A lovely caramel, complexion; brown, round bedroom eyes and full suckable lips. I’m going to go say hello…


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