The other woman speaks…

Why does my body ignore what my mind says? I need to listen…He got that thickness; the kind that make you get up making biscuits with breakfast…So Gone. Jill Scott

I never have an opportunity to relax within the relationship we share. Everytime I get a little comfortable and begin to feel like I have room to move within the space I have with him; he throws me off balance. He says he loves me and in alot of ways I know he does. I know I excite him and he’s allowed to feel free and uninhibited with me but I don’t feel free. I feel caged.
I don’t understand if I make him so happy and he is so in love with me why does he choose to stay with someone that belittles him, disrespects him, makes him feel like what he thinks and feels is not important. Someone who has denied him love and sex but now because someone else loves him wants to love him and have sex with him again; after several years of neglect. Someone who does not respect his opinion, does not take his advice, has to control him and everything pertaining to him and doesn’t appreciate him as the man he is.
You might say there are two sides to every story and if I didn’t have first hand experience with her I wouldn’t stand in agreement with what he says being the truth. I also know it takes two; with that being said I know he is just as much at fault for the relationship he has with her being in turmoil. I truly have  know idea what has kept and keeps him there.


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