DISCLAIMER: The following creative writing is explicit in nature. It has sexual content.

For New Year’s Eve he took her to a party. It was her first New Year’s Eve party ever and she was very excited. The food was ok; she had shots and champagne. She was given a party hat and a party blower. She wore a platinum mini dress, fishnet, black, pantyhose and thigh-hi boots. He saw her fixing her boots and couldn’t help watching her with those big, beautiful legs in those fishnets. She was absolutely, ridiculously fine and so very sexy. He shook his head and took a deep breath in; she was driving him crazy and didn’t even know it. At MidNight, after the NewYear was ushered in with the utmost excitement. I Would Die For You, was the first song played and it just so happened that she was a very big Prince fan. She got on the dance floor and danced for hours. The party was a big hit, they had a great time.

In the wee hours of the morning; they arrived home where the real celebration would began. She was fumbling with the stereo trying to find some music that suited her fancy but while her back was turned he came up behind her and ran his hands up both of her thighs and under her dress that was hiding her magnificent curves. As far as he was concerned, she was so very yummy and he wanted to taste her. He could feel her fishnet stockings as he was kissing the back of her neck; she smelled absolutely delicious. He wanted to bite her. He grabbed her stockings and ripped the middle. This startled her and she braced herself against the dresser. She could barely continue focusing on looking for something to listen to. She was distracted because she felt his hardness pressed against her ass. He ripped her stockings some more until the middle was ripped out. He felt under her dress for her panties and found her thong. He kneeled down to have a look and to his surprise her thong was the same platinum color as her dress. She was unable to move or breathe, ripping her stockings made her very excited, her panties were wet with her sweetness. All this was a very new experience, so she just kept her place and held the dresser up. Her finger tips were white because she was holding on to the dresser so tight. He pulled her thong down almost to her knees, had her bend over until her beautiful, big, round ass was directly in his face. He loved her ass, the firmness, how round it was and the scent of her. He buried his face between her cheeks and licked her pussy. She moaned with excitement. His tongue was stiff and wet. He could feel her give in to his desire to lick her pussy. She was wet and very excited, he could feel her clit swelling the more he licked. She could barely hold her position standing against the dresser, so she gripped tighter. Every now and then her knees would buckle a little. He had both hands placed firmly on both of her cheeks as he spread them so he could see her beautiful pink, wet pussy. He loved her pussy, the smell of it, the taste of it. He was undoubtedly addicted to her.  As he continued to lick and suck; she moaned and hummed with excitement. She was singing their love song; but then he paused suddenly, and spit on her pussy. The sound of it made her cum instantly. He started licking and sucking again. He tasted the sweet nectar of what he considered to be the most beautiful place on earth. This was the best beginning of a New Year ever and the morning still had several hours left to go. He unzipped her boots and pulled them off. He gently pulled down her ripped fishnets and her thong. He stood up behind her, slid his hands up her silky smooth skin and grasped a handful of her round, full breast, that showcased her big, brown nipples. He loved her breast as well. He simply adored every inch of her. He unhooked her bra and turned her to face him. He pressed his lips to hers as they engaged in a deep, passionate kiss. She could taste her sweetness as she licked his lips…


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