The Other Woman Speaks…



When a wife decides that she is no longer going to have sex with her husband…it is called Marital Abandonment. It goes both ways but in a nut shell she has decided to abandon her duty to him as his wife. If she is healthy and there is nothing medically wrong that is keeping her from having sex with him then it is her duty as his wife to fulfill his needs. With choosing not to have sex with him it shouldn’t hurt or be a surprise(especially after he waits for his wife for years) that there is someone else fulfilling his needs. Yes, there is the option to get a divorce before this happens but the responsibility for that course of action should be with the wife because she stopped participating in the marriage. Why would a husband divorce his wife if he truly loves her and still desires her? It is the wife that no longer desires the husband but she is hurt and distraught because he is having an affair. The problem began with her;  if she doesn’t want to lose him then don’t stop having sex with him.


2 responses to “The Other Woman Speaks…

  1. So many problems in this. What if its the husband who withdraws sex? What are his duties? What kind of man wants sex that’s done as a duty? Why is it a duty, I suspect he person withdrawing has good reason, usually abuse or neglect. I don’t think it happens nearly as often as you think. And yes, he could get a divorce. He’s the one bringing someone else into the marriage and nothing excuses that. I’m just seeing the sexism, stereotyping and assumptions in this. It’s never been the case for me. I had a way higher sex drive than my husband and if anything I was the deprived one but he was the one who cheated. I think that’s often the case- the one who gives less to the relationship is the one who turns to cheating, not the one who gives more. Because the one who gives less is the narcissistic one.

  2. Greetings Nephila,
    I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t cherished and respected by your ex(guessing he’s your ex). I know that men are normally the ones who do the cheating…I was cheated on by my husband as well and denied sex more often then I care to remember. I wrote it this way because The other woman is speaking…in this particular instance the wife stopped having sex with her husband because she no longer wanted to, didn’t like it and he was too big. I have different points of view in The Love Chapter…The Other Woman Speaks, She said… and He…
    I know the word duty sounds a bit sexist…but it was intentional. The husband and the wife both have a responsibility to each other to make sure all needs are met. So it is the husbands’ duty as well to make sure his wife is satisfied. And you are right it is the one who gives less that is the narcissistic one. In this case it is the wife. She didn’t decide she wanted to have sex with her husband until she found out there was someone else. It took her 7 years to get around to desiring him again but only after someone else was loving him.
    Thankyou for taking your time to read and comment. I appreciate your attention and words.
    Peace and Blessings

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