She said…

She cries all the time now. Everytime I try to have an adult conversation, she cries. She wants our intimate relationship back. How do we do that? I can’t see it, let alone feel it. She cries because I won’t make love to her, I have no memories of our intimacy. It’s like I don’t know her as an intimate partner anymore. It has been years since the last time we had sex. For me it was painful because she said in a nut shell; she no longer wanted to have sex with me. So when I finally believed her I removed her from my mind as my intimate partner. Again, It has been years and now all of sudden sex is what she wants. She took sex out of the equation years ago. I know I keep saying years but it has been years. I am just trying to wrap my mind around what she is asking of me. How do I add sex with her back into the equation? I’m not sure I still want her in that way..



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