The Love Chapter: A few questions for the Ladies

Clarified the question.


I want to clarify this question because details are missing…first let me say and if possible you do a little research on your own about sexless marriages, they do exist…on both ends…wife stopped having sex with husband…husband stopped having sex with wife. This question requires you to think outside of black and white areas; look at what is gray everything is not black and white…My clarification for the ladies is…the husband you stopped having sex with has not under any circumstances done anything to cause you to do so. You became uninterested in sex…life, career, children, whatever the reason maybe. He hasn’t been abusive, he has been supportive, he has waited patiently, he has tried to help whatever the situation is…he’s been there. He loves you but you have been absent from the marriage sexually for several years(let’s say 5 years).

ORIGINAL Question below…

This is for women in monogamous…

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