She said…

I married him because I think I can make him into the man I want him to be. He’s several years younger than me so I will have control over what he does; who his friends are and what he thinks. He won’t know any better because he is already gullible and naive. He does everything I tell him to do and believes what I tell him. I don’t want to share him with anyone so I will have him to myself. He won’t even be able to spend time with his family. They are so ghetto and I don’t know many black people and don’t really care to know them. I’ll introduce him to new people and new things. He won’t want to associate with the likes of those people after I introduce him to my side of the world. It  will just be him and me all alone for the rest of our lives. I’ll be able to do whatever I want to do. He’ll do as I say. I’ll be in control.


2 responses to “She said…

  1. Well it’s interesting story can I tell you something? Regardless of him being young or old you will not be able to change him. Even if you introduce him to everything new he would still be the same guy you met. You push him he will despise you. Good luck!

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