The Love Chapter


Are you in a relationship(i.e. exclusively dating, cohabitating with, engaged to) with a man that does not treat you like you’re his Queen?
Is he having inappropriate relationships with other women(sexting, cheating, emotionally involved, etc.)?
Is he verbally, mentally, physically or emotionally abusive to you?
Is he selfish, dictating, controlling or neglectful?
Or no matter how many times or how many different ways you have expressed you don’t like something and he continues to do the same thing over and over again( just finding different ways of doing what he wants to do) thinking you’re not paying attention?
   If this is you, know this…He’s not the one for you; stop wasting your time. Don’t be afraid to walk away from him. You can not LOVE a man into loving you the way you desire to be loved. All the love you shower on him will not make him change his behavior. Even if you marry him, marrying him will not make him change his behavior. Nothing you do will because you can not control what another person does. He is a grown man and totally responsible for his actions. Even if his actions causes him to lose the best woman he has ever had, that’s his lost and your gain. Trust me on this. A man will only change his behavior when he is ready.

Wishing all my readers Love, Light & Wellness.


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