I’m a LOVE animal…:Day 4 enjambment

Love to me is…

leaving the phone in the house while we are out and about because

I don’t want anyone to disturb our time together

Love to me is…sitting and talking

at our favorite watering hole about what’s going good in our relationship and

what needs to be worked on

Love to

me is…cooking breakfast in the morning and becoming so

preoccupied with thoughts of him that I burned the eggs

Love to me is…taking a

shower or brushing my

teeth and he is sitting on the toilet

Love to me is

…knowing exactly what he wants

for his birthday

Love to me is…keeping his side of the

bed warm until he gets home from a night out with the


Love to me is…having dinner ready

when he arrives home

Love to me is…running a warm bath

or shower for him washing his back,

having a warm towel waiting for him

along with his slippers

Love to me is…having him lay down

on the bed and rubbing his body with warm massage

oil so he can rest well because he worked

hard all day

What is

love to



Wishing all my readers Love, Light & Wellness.


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