He…Day 6 Hero(ine), Ballad, Anaphora/Epistrophe

He would be the kind of man who would listen to me and pay excellent attention to details.
He would be compassionate, loving and protective.
He wouldn’t be inhibited.
He would be adventurous and thoughtful.
He wouldn’t mind holding me in his arms at night and waking up at 4am to make love to me.
He would be kind, generous and passionate.
He would be a hard worker and work harder at play.
He would be an explorer, a gentleman, a giver and a receiver.
He would let me love him as much as I wanted.
He would give me plenty room to move around him.
He would let me be his lady and He would profess that He is my man.

LiMaMi 2/2015

Wishing all my readers Love, Light & Wellness.


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