TLC: From Shaq

” It’s not how you work your pencil, it’s how you write your name.”
Shaquille O’Neal

Wishing you Love, Light & Wellness


What I love about him is…Day 9

What I love about him is…
the way his presence commands the room
his gentleness and
his nerdiness and
his child-like ways and
the way he talks and
the way he walks and
that one of a kind scent that drives me wild
I light up when he comes into view
I love him so much sometimes I just don’t know what to do.

LiMaMi 2/2015

Wishing all my readers Love, Light & Wellness.

My Flower Drawer: Day 8 Drawer, Ode, Apostrophe

My Flower Drawer has a variety
Different colors
Different styles
Different textures
My flower drawer is full of spice
Different flavors and some with strings
When worn my flowers hold a priceless treasure
No not real flowers that wither and die
Nor artificial they won’t catch my eye
He buys me flowers because he likes the way my ass looks in them
All my flowers are placed in my panty drawer
They’re all very different and some I truly adore.

LiMaMi 2/2015

Wishing all my readers Love, Light & Wellness.

He…Day 6 Hero(ine), Ballad, Anaphora/Epistrophe

He would be the kind of man who would listen to me and pay excellent attention to details.
He would be compassionate, loving and protective.
He wouldn’t be inhibited.
He would be adventurous and thoughtful.
He wouldn’t mind holding me in his arms at night and waking up at 4am to make love to me.
He would be kind, generous and passionate.
He would be a hard worker and work harder at play.
He would be an explorer, a gentleman, a giver and a receiver.
He would let me love him as much as I wanted.
He would give me plenty room to move around him.
He would let me be his lady and He would profess that He is my man.

LiMaMi 2/2015

Wishing all my readers Love, Light & Wellness.

I’m a LOVE animal…:Day 4 enjambment

Love to me is…

leaving the phone in the house while we are out and about because

I don’t want anyone to disturb our time together

Love to me is…sitting and talking

at our favorite watering hole about what’s going good in our relationship and

what needs to be worked on

Love to

me is…cooking breakfast in the morning and becoming so

preoccupied with thoughts of him that I burned the eggs

Love to me is…taking a

shower or brushing my

teeth and he is sitting on the toilet

Love to me is

…knowing exactly what he wants

for his birthday

Love to me is…keeping his side of the

bed warm until he gets home from a night out with the


Love to me is…having dinner ready

when he arrives home

Love to me is…running a warm bath

or shower for him washing his back,

having a warm towel waiting for him

along with his slippers

Love to me is…having him lay down

on the bed and rubbing his body with warm massage

oil so he can rest well because he worked

hard all day

What is

love to



Wishing all my readers Love, Light & Wellness.