Love never fails

Everything happens for a reason. It’s been a long 29 years and finally; after all the tears, relationships that didn’t work for whatever reason, more tears. Searching and thinking I found him only to find out I was trying to make it be something it wasn’t. To everyone that walked away Thankyou. You cleared the path for him.


The Love Chapter

If you love someone…I mean really have that burning passion for a person and your head keeps talking you out of what your heart knows to be the truth…follow your heart. Don’t let 30 years past you by marry someone else, have children with someone else and build a life with someone else only to come across the love of your life again and have the should of…would of…could of conversation… Life is to short…live for what you’re  passionate about. The one your heart beats for. The one that takes your breath away. Be true to yourself.